Saturday, November 29, 2014

Forget my blog for so long :(

It been ages that I didn't touch my blog. No time lazy and forget. Lol.
Actually I'm not good in writing but I will try my best to write in here.
Well many thing happen in a year, people may changes their lifestyle, attitudes, philosophy and so on. Being a human is a challenging task. Living in this world, grow older and died. Many people think is the best to enjoy so much on their life to prevent they think about their death.
Death! I'm always thinking about that, always. What will happen to us? How does it feel? Is it hurt? Where are we going to? This is the end of us? I'm scare! Do you always pray to god? Feel sinful? Have confession to father already? Hmm.. Christmas is coming, we have to repent and feeling joy to welcome our saviour jesus christ born on the day.
Beforen end of the story i wishing you have a blessed Christmas & upcoming new year.

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